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EXO-M LUHAN - 130418 Birthday Fan Account

Happy Birthday Luhan!!
Sweet 23~

Actually I'm wanted to post about his fan account birthday's party yesterday, but I'm don't have a time to write here, so, I'm decided to post them together with my wish birthday for him today..., and actually, I'm not even late, it's just his birthday party held early than the actual date just like Kai's before this..,

130418 LuHan's birhtday party fanaccount

  • Luhan practices rapping a lot in the dorms ~cr: dc
  • Members played with the spray and one of them accidentally directed it at Luhan’s eyes. Luhan started blinking a lot cutely and even asked for tissue. When he shut his eyes to wipe them, it was really really beautiful~ cr: dc
  • Luhan was asked which part of himself he was most satisfied with and he said it’s his eyes! (but awhile ago he couldn’t even open them after the spray, so cute!) cr: haru_文学少女小丁丁
  • Luhan and Lay sang <kiss goodbye> together
  • Luhan was asked if he took after his dad or mum and he answered both~ his eyes, nose and mouth resembled his mum’s so Baekhyun said “then you’ve taken after your mum!” so Luhan said he has his father’s face structure! Baekhyun then said Luhan’s parents must really look handsome and pretty but Luhan said “no!!” cr: 牙1127
  • the “happy birthday” banner fell and Baekhyun the mc, Luhan, Lay and Chanyeol were being punished so Xiumin helped stick it back up but he wasn’t tall enough. in the end Chanyeol and Luhan rushed over and Chanyeol put it back up while Luhan patted xiumin’s head~cr: Mad_Scientist12
  • Only 85 out of 100 people turned up for the party. Lay really liked the sound of the poop hammer so fans asked for it. Baekhyun replied “no way!”, because Lay hyung likes it.. but the poop hammer is actually a sponsor item so Lay originally isn’t supposed to take it too~ cr: Mad_Scientist12

translations by: heecups (

  • when Lay was going to do the wave, Baekhyun removed Lay’s jacket, wanting him to reveal a little “more”… the entire crowd screamed. When Canyeol was going to do the wave, Xiumin went up and tugged at Chanyeol’s clothes but he was haru_文学少女小丁丁
  • When Chanyeol and Baekhyun were singing, Luhan beat Lay and Xiumin with the poop hammer, Lay remained in 'jpg' form while Xiumin popped his chest along with Luhan’s beat, tonight’s party was really cute~ cr: haru_文学少女小丁丁
  • Luhan was asked what cf he wanted to film and Luhan answered “foot…” while Baekhyun interrupted “football!!!!” he said the cf would start from the tying of shoelaces so Luhan ran towards the window and said he could tie, untie and tie the shoelaces really fast~ halfway through, Lay kept going off-topic and Baekhyun reminded him to stay focused ㅋㅋㅋㅋ~ cr: mad_scientist12
  • The topic of Luhan’s flawless skin so Luhan said it’s natural~ everyone laughed so Luhan continued “as long as i bath well~” Baekhyun and Chanyeol replied “i also bath once every day?!?!” so Luhan replied “you can’t eat biscuits~” Chanyeol then said “ah…. i’m really sorry…”~ cr: mad_scientist12
  • Lay started choosing his question the 2nd but when everyone else was done choosing and Luhan was done answering them, Lay wasn’t done yet so when everyone was waiting for him to choose, he asked “has it ended? cr: haru_文学少女小丁丁
  • Previously when the happy birthday banner fell, Xiumin wasn’t tall enough to reach so he froze in the “stretching” manner while Luhan touched his head and hugged him, Xiumin then pretended like he was crying~ cr: mad_scientist12
translations by: heecups (
  • When Luhan was signing on the balloon, Baekhyun kept commenting by the side “ah~ i’m so envious, i’m so jealous, i want one too!”
  • When Baekhyun was going to say his well wishes to Luhan, he stopped abruptly and asked for some background music~ so Yixing coordinated well and used a toy which produced music to create some..I suppose it’s the poop 最受宠哒凡baby
  • When Lay and Chanyeol were chosen to sing a song, Lay said he usually sings them with luhan, so he said the song title in chinese and fans screamed “oh oh!!!!!” Chanyeol started imitating chinese by the side! cr: Mad_Scientist12
  • Baekhyun was filled with warmth today! he kept moving forward to be closer with the fans! in the end Baekhyun said “Luhan hyung! i love you!” and they hugged~ cr: 最受宠哒凡baby
  • When Luhan wiped his eyes with a wet tissue after being sprayed at, he opened his eyes really big and Baekhyun commented from the side: “ah, (he’s) really perfect~!” cr: 牙1127
  • When it was Xiumin’s turn to choose a question, fans said Xiumin’s backview was really adorable so baekhyun replied that since they found it cute, he’s going to show his back view too~ cr: 牙1127

translations by: heecups (

Another fan account : 130418 Luhan Surprise Birthday Party @ SM

  • (The party was held in advance instead of in the 20th)
  • Luhan and Baekhyun did gwiyomi today!
  • Today's party was really fun! Luhan was really happy but he should really protect his jaw from "dropping" [cr: 嗜睡凸凸] lol
  • Luhan, Yixing and Chanyeol did sexy waves 
  • Lay's shirt cutting was too low, everything could be seen.. He hit Luhan a lot with a soft toy blankly and cutely [cr: haru_文学少女小丁
  • Luhan prayed for a pretty long time before the party started [cr: dc]
  • Luhan was asked which part of himself he was most satisfied with and he said it’s his eyes! (But awhile ago he couldn’t even open them after the spray, so cute!)
    cr: haru_文学少女小丁丁
  • Luhan said he could tie his shoelaces really fast with a pleased expression but it wasn't that fast at all... [cr: haru_文学少女小丁丁]
  • Lay started choosing his question the 2nd but when everyone else was done choosing and Luhan was done answering them, lay wasn’t done yet so when everyone was waiting for him to choose, he asked “has it ended? cr: haru_文学少女小丁丁
  • Baekhyun looked exceptionally tall today [cr: haru_文学少女小丁丁]
    Before their duet, Yixing told Luhan "let's sing one that we usually sing" [cr: 孙大圣_Summer]
  • Lay said Luhan is a really good brother & friend, and although he's a little stubborn and brings him pain at times, he's still a good friend.
  • Luhan didn't seem to know how to do gwiyomi... at 6 + 6, he did it differently [cr: coffey]
  • Baekhyun told Lay that his outerwear should be removed a little when dancing sexy wave, So when Luhan was doing it, Lay removed Luhan's outerwear too~
  • The song Baekhyun and Chanyeol sang was "She's there", Chanyeol sang and Baekhyun rapped [cr: baekhyun_b]
  • "Suho wasn't at the party, Chanyeol and Baekhyun seemed a little awkward as MCs. Seems like we need Suho's lame and incomprehensible jokes"
  • Baekhyun said he's leg is injured so he can't sit down, but at the next party he'll definitely be able to sit.. [cr: exo_deok_user]
  • Halfway through MC-ing, Chanyeol's long legs got tangled by the mic wire, he was rather embarrassed as he looked at fans who saw him trip.
  • Initially when Chanyeol was told to do the sexy dance, he looked like he was going to breakdown... The way he avoided...In the end he was forced and so helpless, he yelled and the entire crowd laughed so hard LOL.
  • The gift for lucky fan today was a balloon with recording in it, the recording is a morning greeting, something like "good morning"
  • As Chanbaek sang "she's there" they seemed a little embarrassed but Luhan, Lay and Xiumin were clapping and waving at the back.
  • As Xiumin looked at the questions board, he was swaying his arms so Chanyeol made a "he's so silly" expression to fans behind Xiumin's back.
  • "Yixing's wave was sexy, Luhan's was cute and Chanyeol's was ....... stiff but man!" lmao.
  • When Chanyeol was leaving the party, he walked out a bit then turn behind to spray "snow" at Baekhyun again... [cr: 饭圈太深默默潜水君]
  • Baekhyun complimented Luhan, Lay and Xiumin, so when it was Chanyeol's turn, he covered his ears and said "it's ok, u don't have to say it".
  • Yixing did something so Luhan wanted to slap onto his neck but when he was about to do it, he changed and started stroking instead...
  • They threw a dice to see who gets the highest number but when they were done, Lay tapped Baekhyun to ask "what number did i throw just now?
    (Aigoo.. Lay is so forgetful)
CREDITS: @xiches

[TRANS]130420 Tao Weibo Update:

Lululu~ happy birthday. You're older by yet another year& haha old deer. 
via: EXOGlobal

One by one, after maknae, another EXO's member taking his turn birthday today..., who's that person?? Luhan~shi... keke Actually i wanted to write my thought about Luhan through a year, but i wasn't able to do that..., because i was busy preparing for my exam...guys, pray for me to do well..., and actually, I'm dropped here just to make a simple update about his birthday...because i can't skip his birthday turn..., i can't skip to post about him..because he is 'special' deer to me..., keke maybe in the future, i will write about him, maybe a long more than now..., because i have many things to talk about him as well..., don't u think i don't know about you, lulu...xD 


And because now you're Kyungie's roommate along with Sehun, please take care of him as well....xD and don't forget to take care yourself..., ^^ cherish every moment with your beloved persons..and being a sensible Luhan yet mischievous Lulu, I'm hope u will happy always... because i don't care about anything except for your happiness, dongsaeng...,

Our Deer...,

life is a vast canvas...
the colors are provided...
the formats are welded...
but the brush lies in your hand...
together with the dreams you picture in your mind, paint...
redo, if the outcome does not suit you...

faith makes you a believer...patience makes you persevere...strength keeps you put that one step after another....and character keeps all three together..., you are the best, and you'll be okay no matter what happen...fighting!!!

“Nothing is ever really lost to us as long as we remember even a little thing about it.”

~Crystal Ice


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    1. thanks for reading too...thanks for a lovely words of yours..^^ actually I'm not that great either, but I'm just being myself..xD have a nice day... :)